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Choreographers – Page 2 – Summer Jam



Lyle Beninga


Lyle Beniga

Hailed as one of the OG of the Urban Choreography scene, Lyle has not only toured with many international stars such as Justin Timberlake and Usher for their world tours, but also choreographed for numerous Asian Artistes, including Wei Chen of China and Big Bang of S.Korea. He has taught in almost every major dance camp in the world and is the founder of BNGA clothing. One of his most iconic choreographies to date is Tae Yang’s Wedding Dress.
We just love to have him back every year at the Summer Jam Dance Camp.

Chris Martin


chris-martinChris Martin

Choreo Cookies represent Chris Martin, a familiar face to the Singapore dance scene. Bringing back his unique style of teaching and choreography, this will mark his third time at Summer Jam Dance Camp. The Colorado native have taught many workshops and classes around the world, such as UDC and Japan’s En DANCE Camp. His class always sell out so remember to buy your package early and select his class to avoid any disappointment!

Rie Hata


rie-hataRie Hata 

Rie Hata is the leader of the crew ‘Queen of Swag’ based in Japan. Because she of her mixed blood heritage, she is able to attract fans worldwide with her unique style and groove, differentiating herself from the other Japanese dancers. She used to work as a backup dancer for Lady Gaga, and currently travels across the world to conduct workshops.

Her unique fashion and style are also widely noticed and featured in many magazines. She is a mother of two and set up her own fashion brand QOFFEE SHOP as a designer and a producer and its popularity has been growing.

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