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Vinh Nguyen

( USA )

Vinh Nguyen is a Southern California native who has developed his own signature choreography style. Most notably, he’s recently worked with Cirque du Soleil, the NBA, and the NFL. Vinh has culminated easily over a billion views, creating for artists such as iKon, Winner, Luhan, and Jackson Wang. He is also a member and principal choreographer for one of the most renown dance companies in the world, the Kinjaz.

Kiel Tutin

( New Zealand )

Kiel Tutin is a global influence of dance and movement in the music industry, persistently creating memorable and exciting choreography, inventing new shapes and pictures for K-Pop artists and pop superstars.

Kiel’s experience is unparalleled and varied, creating iconic stages for the most prestigious music award shows, choreographing over 60 music videos and directing movement for feature film for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Taiwanese superstar Jolin Tsai, and numerous K-POP groups, most notably the biggest girl group in the world - BLACKPINK.



Originally from Osaka and now living in Tokyo, Ibuki is a waacking freestyle dancer who has dominated in world competition and has been featured in showcases and commercials from Los Angeles and New York to Thailand and her own Japan. She is part of the waacking duo known as Bad Queens.

Mr Wiggles

( USA )

Representing Electric Boogaloos and Rock Steady Crew. The legendary Mr. Wiggles has been in every edition of Summer Jam since its inception. He will be judging at the Radikal Forze Jam and conducting dance workshops. A great mentor to many younger dancers and someone always ready to impart his skills and knowledge, a very humble gentleman that we should all look up to.

Sean Lew

( USA )

Sean Lew (born on November 25, 2001 in Walnut, California, U.S.) is a young multi-talented professional dancer, celebrity choreographer, dance teacher, TV junior chef, actor, editor, creative director, model and a philanthropist, pianist and singer with Chinese and Japanese roots living in Los Angeles, California.



Rie Hata, aka the Queen Of Swag, is a Japan-based dancer and choreographer.
With an Instagram following of 400k and growing, Rie is one of the hottest choreographers in the dance industry today. Her work speaks for itself as Rie has worked with some of the biggest artists from all over the world.
Rie is currently a brand ambassador for Nike Woman.



Haeni is a person who loves to explore with what she loves, dance. As a dancer, choreographer, creative director and educator, she has been sharing her knowledge of dance, exchanging movements through numerous classes, projects and events all around the world for the past five years.
Today, her great passion is bringing people, inspiration, creativity to make the world a better place.



Junna Yagi hails from Japan. She has only been dancing for 8 years but she has already made her name for herself in the dance community all over the world. Junna competed with Rogue lead by Jojo Gomez in season 1 of NBC WOD. Since then she has traveled around the world teaching at different dance camps and conventions. More recently she appeared on Street Dance Of China Season 4 where she made it into the quarter finals.



Bada Lee, is a dancer and choreographer hailing from South Korea. Bada is a powerhouse in the Korean Entertainment scene where she has choreographed for the likes of AESPA, NCT, and The Boyz to name a few. She also dances for Lisa, CL, and Kai. We look forward to seeing more of BADA in the teaching circuit around the globe.






( USA )

Josh has worked with artists such as T-Pain, Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, Jason Derulo, Katy Perry & Daddy Yankee. He has taught his choreography internationally in over 30 countries before the age of 18. Currently, he is making waves as a member of the crew S-Rank.


( USA )

Anthony Lee, is the co-founder/director of the performance group The Kinjaz who also worked as an artistic director of Culture Shock LA. Before founding the Kinjaz, Anthony appeared on several Youtube shows ( Yomama crew and Dance On ).
Since founding the Kinjaz, life has been going at 1000 miles an hour as the Kinjaz’ brands keeps expanding from starting the Kinjaz Dojo in Los Angeles, to the opening of Kinjaz dojo in ChengDu and Shanghai in China.















* The Artists Line-Up is subjected to changes. *